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Bohemian Star - Swimsuit

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When a swimsuit meets a beautiful frill top to pair with shorts. Step straight off the beach in style with this vintage bohemian print. Made from recycled plastic bottles (PET) and woven with spandex to create ideal moisture wicking, quick drying, 4-way stretch fabric. 

This Coolmax active performance keeps you cool, dry and comfortable. The fabric also assists with wicking away moisture while remaining soft and breathable.

Individually designed for the trend-setting active lifestyle with 50% UVP which ensures the vibrant designs and colors will not fade or run. 

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Size Guide

Please note that this is a generic guide measuring in centimeters and to keep in mind that your height might effect where you measure on chart. 
Every woman has her own shape with her own fit preference and we hope you can find reference from these beautiful Spirit sisters. 

Spiritgirl Size Guide

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