Spiritgirl Customer Service

Please view our FAQ's page to see if any questions you have can be answered there before sending us an email. 

Spiritgirl is a small and growing team who pride ourselves in customer service. While we do not have a customer call line we can assure you that any service related queries will be answered within 12hours maximum. Emails sent to info@spiritgirl.co.za get viewed by both co-founders of the brand so all queries get the attention they deserve at the fastest possible turn around time. 

Size Guide

Please note that this is a generic guide measuring in centimeters and to keep in mind that your height might effect where you measure on chart. 
Every woman has her own shape with her own fit preference and we hope you can find reference from these beautiful Spirit sisters. 

Spiritgirl Size Guide

Spiritgirl Size XS

Spiritgirl Size Small

Spiritgirl Size Medium

Spiritgirl Size Large