There’s a harmonious space that exists inside all of us. You may find it when finally pulling off a difficult yoga pose, watching the sun set, or a job well done. Big or small, simple or complex, it manifests itself in life, and we’re constantly seeking it. It's what drives us to go on that road trip, klap that early morning workout, and get up and kick ass every day, and I believe this relates to a simple element.

The nourishment of your spirit.

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Have you ever met someone who seemingly infuses every aspect of life with enthusiasm? They were not born like that; it came about by choice. A choice to positively respond to life.

It’s a beautiful thing, and you'll be hard pressed to cultivate a more empowering mindset. Why? Because it's directly linked to inner peace. What’s more is that everyone and anyone can do it.

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So, when are you at your happiest? For me, it's coastal cruising, wife, and hound in the van, destination vague, but sure to be waves and beauty up ahead. Thing is, this only happens over the weekends! It's during the week which requires creativity to access this treasured mind frame. Most of us are based in an office, so how about some music? It can be a window to another world, and it helps us relive all those good memories. Crank up a tune and raise up your vibes.

Our work plays an immense role in determining our daily enjoyment of life, and if it's not, well, it's a lot trickier to tap into the Zen. I worked for a company for four years and almost lost my soul. Demanding workloads combined with unforgiving superiors and a one size fits all job description, yup that'll do it. I stopped surfing, lost my sense of humour, gained weight, and became rather lifeless. Scary.  It was only through discovering that I'd accepted this environment that I could lift my head from the coal face and make the positive choice to say "enough".

So after I pulled myself back from the brink I asked, "what do I love doing?" and it all boiled down to a single phrase: Live a life of adventure. This decisive moment also unveiled a deep realisation that "I am responsible for my life ". Bang! I was consequently led to another powerful conclusion (yes, another one) and this one was the game changer: "Taking control of your mind and actions gives you the chance to build the life of your dreams." Try saying it to yourself... How good does that feel? In fact, it's the best commitment you can make to yourself. 

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Please, don't get me wrong here, I'm still a way off creating a dream life but I've put my feet on the path and wholeheartedly adopted a mindset which facilitates the change necessary for growth.

There's a beautiful explosion of expressive individuality currently sweeping through our broader society. Have you noticed? The arts are being appreciated and supported, and there are platforms for everyone, doing anything, from which to create and share. I have a friend who sews and knits incredibly detailed embroidery art pieces onto vintage tennis racquets! Truly inspirational in the sense that through pursuing her passion, she created a career.

Tulip Racket © Danielle Clough

So I ask... "What do YOU love doing?" Choose 3 things, anything you like. Now integrate them bit by bit into your daily life until it occupies enough of a space to have a positive impact. Have fun with it! You may just strike gold and find that harmonious space you’ve been searching for.

As my good friend always says “if not, why not?”

Written by: Brett Shearer

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Us Spiritgirls are totally and completely obsessed with international boho magazine DISfunkshion and not without mention their exotic Instagram feed, everything they touch turns to gold.

A snapshot off DISfunkshion's colorful and stylish Instagram feed. 
DISfunkshion's Instagram Feed

So.... we are thrilled to appear in the very cool feature they did on "Re-use Your Muse, 5 ways to wear a military jacket" where our Tropical Bliss yoga pants where originally styled with a casual military jacket....we dig it! Click on the link below to see more.

Namaste DISfunkshion
DISfunkshions Re-use Your Muse

Spiritlife Instagram Challenge

Spiritgirl recently held a 10 day Instagram challenge with the theme being a "Spirited Life" where we challenged participants to post a daily photo representing what they interpreted this to be in order to stand a chance to win a pair of Spiritgirl eco friendly yoga pants. The total amount of participants was not plentiful but we consider the challenge a success due to the extent of how we enjoyed the experience.

When we initiated the challenge we assumed participants would post mostly images of themselves being active in some sort of sporty manner and although some posts did consist of this idea the rest were more varied. Spiritlife participants shared daily thoughts, reflections and feelings with us on a very intimate level in all sorts of unique and colorful ways. It is due to this that we are happy with the decision that we left the terms of the challenge open for freedom.

A collage of entries from intimate moments to healthy eating choices and spirited activities.

We learnt from this challenge that despite the fact that we want to live healthy, active and good spirited lives it is harder to do without some sort of commitment and support group and that our lives are enriched when we stop and take time out to give gratitude or open to grace. With that being said the importance of a tribe, be it a sisterhood or brotherhood was re iterated. We all want to be part of a tribe, not just a family or partnership but more. Spiritgirl have our own little Spirit Tribe on Instagram and we are so grateful to our followers who have followed our journey and shared their stories with us.....we feel you. 

At the end of the 10 days we put the names of participants who posted consistently into a paper bag and pulled the lucky winner at random. We had entries reaching world wide but the winner was a local South African girl @love_living_lifestyle from our very own Cape Town, congratulations to her and all for managing to post all their 10 posts. We hope she loves her Spiritgirl Workout Leggings as much as we do!

Below the entries from our lucky winner @love_living_lifestyle
SpiritLife WInner

We also felt so much love for all our participants that we couldn't help but offer them 20% discount off any Spiritgirl bottoms should they wish.

To view the full album of the Spiritlife Challenge you can click the Facebook Album or type in the hashtag #spiritgirl_activewear on Instagram, it shows just how colorful a Spirited Life can look.

Namaste Spirit Tribe!

Grazia Magazine, South Africa recently published a "Raise The Barre" feature in their October issue on barre workouts where Spiritgirl's Flower Power workout leggings had the opportunity to bloom on model Abigail from Boss Models. The feature was on barre workouts that you can do from home. So there you have it, Spiritgirl eco friendly yoga pants, not only good for yoga, pilates, gym, surfing but BARRE too. In fact perfect for any occasion. 

Proudly made in Cape Town, South Africa ~ Love Earth. Love Yoga. Love Life ~

Photographed by Bianca Theron 

With summer steadily rolling in we realize that we are going to have to start shedding off the layers that we have so cosily been cloaking ourselves in as the season of comfort food and TV series slowly starts to step aside. We get it, you want to work out and feel the benefits of good health but its oh SO hard when its still dark and chilly before and after work. This is why we have put this list of together of
7 simple ways for you to stay fit as summer approaches so that we can all blossom our way through spring. Read More


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The Spiritgirl team are excited to announce that we will be using proceeds from our I Am Water yoga pants / workout leggings to give towards I AM WATER Ocean Conservation.

I AM WATER conservation trust was founded in 2010 by passionate ocean lovers who acknowledge that mankind and nature cannot survive without each other. They believe ocean degradation is fundamentally due to human disconnect, and the way to change the course for our oceans is engaging and educating individuals on their role for a healthy planet.  

Our blue planet may be divided by continents, but it is united by oceans. For the more than seven billion people on our rapidly growing planet, solving the challenges to our shared, sustainable future relies on the knowledge of individuals along with the conservation of resources.  They provide global opportunities to engage and educate ocean-users with the world beneath the waves and to understand their personal opportunity to protect the planet.

I Am Water Foundation

More info on I AM WATER conservation can be found here.

More on Spiritgirl's eco awareness can be found here.

To purchase or view more of the I Am Water yoga pants / workout leggings click here.


Yoga #FebFoundationChallenge 

Starting on the 1st February, in partnership with @tash_yoga and @yogasouthafrica, we will be hosting a 10 day challenge for ANYONE & EVERYONE that wants to get started with yoga or get back to basics.

The pose, together with cues & the benefits will be shared on tash_yoga Instagram page daily throughout the challenge. We want to help you lay the foundation & set you up for a safe & sustainable practice.

Details:Feb foundation yoga challenge calendar
Follow hosts & generous sponsor
Post a picture of yourself doing the pose/ variation of your for choice for all 10 days, 1
st- 10th February

Hashtag #FebFoundationChallenge
Tag hosts & sponsors so we can see your photos

Winner will win a beautiful pair of Spirit Girl Active Wear Leggings.

Remember this is meant to be fun & encourage mindful movement.

Get creative, but most importantly get on your mat.


Yoga South Africa, Spiritgirl Activewear

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@Spiritgirl_Activewear is feeling super generous and looking to give away a FREE pair of leggings through an Instagram contest!

The rules to enter: ✔ Like this photo and tag 2 of your friends that might also be interested, in the comments. ✔ Follow both @StacieYogaLife and @Spiritgirl_Activewear
☆ For a bonus entry, re-post this, tagging @StacieYogaLife and @spiritgirl_activewear in the photo. ✔ The contest ends Thursday, January 28th at 11:59pm. The winner will be announced Saturday, January 30th. ☆ Good luck everyone! ❤

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Two inspiring yogis are hosting a heart opening yoga challenge this December where you will get the chance to win exciting prizes from the sponsors which includes Spiritgirl.

The challenge name #HeartOpeningHolidays

Hosted by @Healthywifife_Healthylife and @StacieYogaLife
Heart Opening Holidays

Sponsored by: 
@spiritgirl_activewear, @blivingstonapparel, @famenxt_db, @samudrakala, @revolutionwheel, @therioboutique, and @yogisurprise. 

Begins on December 1st ending on the 21st.

Focus: Heart-openers and inversions. Modifications are welcome and a yoga wheel is not required to join the challenge.

Rules to be eligible to win:


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Since being introduced to yoga by my loving sister over three years ago I have since bounced Laughing Lotus Brooklyn Studio NYCaround from one different yoga studio to another. Having a job that revolved around traveling I have been fortunate enough to visit a variety of studio types on different parts of the globe.

Looking back on all these past experiences, I have three studios that have stood out to me in particular and I feel the need to share their special sparkle. 

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