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Further to our fabric being recycled we are passionate about our products and the quality of our apparel. 
Each garment is made with a lot of care and attention to ensure that everything is produced to the highest of quality and that all people along the production should have good working conditions and compensation for their work.

To ensure that everyone is treated kindly, with respect and in a fair manner we make sure that we only use manufacturers who share the same values.

This means that every person who works with the manufacture of our products is also treated with respect and works in safe, clean conditions while receiving a fair salary. We ensure this by having a continuous dialogue with our supplier/factory and visit this at regular intervals.

In the evolving cultural town of Woodstock, South Africa, we found a small factory that matched our needs and manufacturing requirements.
We have chosen South Africa for manufacturing for our products because it is important for us to be able to give back to South Africa and at the same time share South Africa with the rest of the world. 

Spiritgirl Active wear maintains a high level of environmental and social responsibility.

Spiritgirl Active wear strives to be a conscious producer for conscious consumers.

Spiritgirl Active wear only uses materials and production processes that do not harm people and make as little impact on the environment as possible.

As long as you look after and care for your 

Spiritgirl garments, they will last long and accompany you on many adventures. 
Would you wish something else or simply change (it's just natural), don't throw them away-give them to a friend, replace them with something else, take them to a charity shop.